• Learn: Learn a new language, new ways of thinking, new customs, as you land in a different culture. Learn new skills in managing people, creatively planning, and delivering presentations. All from teacher trainers that have spent decades teaching all over the world.
  • Teach: Teach all ages and levels of real language students on our TESOL Course. More teaching practice then most other TESOL certificate courses. Get internationally-certified and go on to teach anywhere in the world! Our TESOL Certificate has 144 hours of practical training – exceeding international standards. Teach with proven techniques and different methods, and all guided by well-seasoned staff that show you how to overcome your weaknesses in teaching, and enhance your teaching strengths.
  • Explore: Explore with a real cultural experience, not just taking photos and visiting tourist sites. Explore fantastic new food and spices. Lay on untouched beaches, or meditate in a thousand year old temple. Kayak through the Mekong river, or swim in natural waterfalls. Sleep overnight on a slow boat through majestic Hailong Bay. Impress your friends with the photos of you eating a tarantula. Our programs are known for not only making you a great teacher, but adding the"adventure"that belongs in overseas teaching, via our weekend and after-course alumni excursions.
  • Travel: Travel and see sights beyond your wildest imagination. Spend your weekend on pristine white sandy beaches, or thousand year old temples. Take your internationally-recognized Language Corps Asia TESOL Certificate and travel the world, via our global educational contacts and training centers. Your LC Asia TESOL Certificate is an easy passport to working your way around the world, and we continue to support you after you finish our courses.
  • Give Back: As an English teacher, you are providing others with valuable life-skills they need to improve their own lives – whether they plan to travel, open a new business, or just pass their school year. By 2020, half of the world will speak, or will be learning to speak English. You'll always be able to give back to others. And LC Asia is one of the few TESOL Program you will find that work with a number of charity organizations, such as local Cambodian orphanages. Many of our graduates say one of the highlights of their TESOL course was trying out their teaching techniques with impoverished, but happy, children with our charitable partners.
  • Get Paid: You will you develop valuable international and professional skills in high demand by employers in your home country, making you more marketable when you return to your own country. Not only that, but as you teach around the world, you will find you can earn, save and live well as an international English teacher in many places you have only dreamed of doing so. Let us show you how!


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